Stupid question about when to close my pool


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Jun 29, 2017
Augusta Township, Michigan
Hello all,

Here in Michigan, it appears the general rule of thumb is to close your pool on/around Labor Day. I've also done some research that says to close the pool "when the temperature is consistently below 60 F." I'm trying to figure out what it means for a temperature to be "consistently" below a certain level. Lately, our temps at night are in the 50's but it's still getting above 70 during the day. Over the next week, highs will still be in the 70's and all the way up to the 80's a day or two.

Not sure if I need to base the closing on the high temps, the low temps or some combination of them. Thanks.


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
Water temp not air temp (the only stupid question is the one u don’t ask) 😊