Stupid Electric Heater Question


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Apr 3, 2016
Baltimore MD
I think I know the answer to this but hey it’s worth you guys calming me down.
I have a Hayward electric heater for my pool. I opened today. Water is 55F. ICE.
I turned heater on just to make sure it was working. Gave it about 20 min. Put my hand over the return jet and didnt feel any warmth. Dread overcame me! I envisioned calling the electrician again (had to call him last year too when I opened for a heater repair).
The I got out a very accurate digital thermometer. Away from the returns is 55F. Cupping my hand over the return and focusing the water upward the thermometer registered 57F.
I know an electric heater is SLOW but I recall being able to swim near the returns and feel glorious hot water when the rest of the water is in the 70s.
Do you think the pool and piping is just too cold for a noticeable warmth from an electric heater? We’ve had 35 degree nights here in Maryland this week.
Hoping I don’t need repair. But my gut says I do.
Apr 22, 2018
Wayne, PA
How many BTU is your electric heater? What was the ambient air temperature at the time?

EDIT: i see the model in your sig. At 110k BTU, that would give your 27k gallon pool about .4-.5 degrees of heating per hour depending where on the efficiency curve you fall. Efficiency is affected by many things in a heat pump, but ambient air and water temperature are two of the biggest drivers. I would imagine everything is fine if you are seeing ANY increase at the return. Can you check the pipes coming out of the heater and see if you notice any difference in the IN vs the OUT?
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Apr 3, 2016
Baltimore MD
110k BTU. Probably 65 degrees outside.
I’m wondering if the ground and pipes and water were just too cold to see a difference within 20 min or so of running it. Nights have been near freezing.
To be clear I wasn’t expecting the pool temp to increase. I know that takes days. I was just expecting to feel warm water on my hand when I feel the return.


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Jun 7, 2017
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For sure you will not feel any difference in temp at 55. My pool is about the same and i can't tell with a gas heater so you have no chance at all will a heat pump. Don't lose sleep over it it's working!
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