Stuck Multivalve?


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Jun 17, 2010
Last month I de-winterized our pool. First thing I got was a plume of sand out the return jets. We replaced a broken pipe below ground, I vacuumed the pool, and then things started to get bad. When I finished cleaning the sand I found the pump screaming from pain with all the sand inside. every time I vaccum now I have to disassemble the pump and clean out the sand. After the initial cleaning I disassembled the multivalve (nearly broke my thumb taking the thing apart) and removed more sand.
For over a month now I have been losing over 180 gallons every hour! Sometimes more, sometimes less. It drops slightly faster when the pump is running, that leads me to believe it's a pressure leak.
Butttt, we have replaced the broken pipe and we cannot find any more leaks anywhere. The backwash/drain pipe slowly runs water out the back of our maint building. This pipe is connected to the sump pumps in the maint building though, so it could be water straight from the pool plumbing, or could be the pool water running through the found into the sump pumps.
Sooo the big question is; could the multivalve be jammed with sand allowing some water to constantly flow out the backwash?
Sorry for being so long, but that's the short version.

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Jun 22, 2009
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The answer to your question is, Yes, it could be the valve is stuck or it could be the gasket is bad allowing water through.

What type pool and equipment do you have?
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