Stuck in Deep End

Mar 26, 2017
Hi all, first post!

I inherited an original "The Pool Cleaner" (4x model) when I bought my house. It was great but with age the wheels started to disintegrate and needed to be replaced. Hayward now owns the product and offer two options for wheels: regular and tile. I've tried both, alas my Pool Cleaner can't get enough traction to escape the deep end equipped with either. My pool has glass beads which no doubt must be tricky for pool cleaners.

The original wheels were not at all like the new rubber ones. They appeared to be made of some kind of high density foam with a special tread glued on. I can't find them anywhere.

I've tried adjusting suction, no luck. I've tried adding weight to the vacuum to increase grip, no luck. Any ideas from the community would be much appreciated.



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Jan 4, 2016
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Welcome to TFP! Good to have you here :)

I have no experience with the wheels for hayward/poolverneugen, but sometimes two changes occur which seem unrelated, or another change might be helpful. If there's a return jet pushing the hose too hard, away from where you want it to go, it can make it more difficult for a suction cleaner to get around. Just something I could think of! Good luck with it. Sounds like you've already tried more suction, which would be my instinct as well.