Struggled my first year with pool maintenance


Aug 13, 2019
Coastal Virginia
Hello all,

I bought a home that has a pool and my first year of trying to keep it clean was a learning experience. My Dolphin DX5 crapped out on me. I took it apart and found an IC chip had burn marks on it due to desicant material bridging two leads. I soldered in a new one and it worked for three weeks u til it decided it wanted to break again. I can't figure how to fix it this time. I've had a bit of green algae stuck on the bottom of the pool that I used to have the dolphin pick up but have struggled with keeping it out of the pool.

I look forward to finding more info here in how to get my pool crystal clear and avoid swiping my credit card at Leslie's.


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May 19, 2010
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:wave: Welcome to TFP!!!

Algae is a chemical problem, not a cleaner problem.
To maintain a clear pool, just have to have a good test kit (TF-100 is the best value from and keep the FC above the minimum for your CYA at all times, according to the FC/CYA Chart.

Since you currently have algae, you need to follow the SLAM Process to eradicate it.

Also check out Pool School, starting with ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry so we can speak the same language.
And fill out your signature with your pool and equipment details.
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