Strange TA results w/ TF100 kit


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Oct 6, 2009
I just purchased my first TF-100 test kit and couldn't be happier!! I placed the order around noon on Thursday and it arrived via USPS on Saturday!! Although my guests this weekend were looking at me as though I was a mad scientist in his laboratory as I mixed all the different reagents, I was thoroughly enjoying these new tests and learning that my test results would be so much more accurate than guessing at the color changes on my prior test strips!!

However, I seem to be getting very strange results on my TA test. I've tested it two days in a row now and still getting results around 220-230. That seems to be off the charts for a TA level - especially considering all my other levels are within relatively normal limits:

FC = 1 (added liquid bleach to bring this up to 4)
CC = .5
TC = 1.5
pH = 7.3
CH = 220
CYA = 50

I've noticed that most of the reagent bottles give off a nice sized "drop", but the R-0009 seems to give off very small drops and even the gentlest squeeze of the bottle sometimes throws off 2 drops (what I'm getting at is I'm wondering if the amount of or my count of the drops is even accurate).

I've performed the TA test with my HTH (WalMart) test kit and am getting a consistent reading of 70.

Any ideas what's wrong with my TF-100 testing?


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Apr 26, 2009
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It's a known problem with the TA test. If you use a damp cloth and wipe the dropper between each drop you should get a proper sized drop and a correct TA number.


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Mar 17, 2010
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With the TA test it can build up static, therefore not getting the same size drops. With this test you want the same size drops if possible. From what I have read, every 4-5 drops wipe the tip of the reagant and that should help. I wipe mine each time and get good results.

Also with a CYA of 50, I assume no SWG, your targe FC is 6, but goal of 4-8. The Min which is 4, is something you FC should never fall below. When you get below this number you are at risk for things you do not want in the water. The CC of .5 is ok, but if you keep at most 4 FC, it will drop during the day if there is a lot of sun and can lead to bad things. So get your FC up to 6 and let that be your level. Do not let it drop below 4.

Also your CH is low, so I would think about bringing that up to around 300. You could even go to the upper end of 350, as due to splash out and backwashing if you need to, you may lose some.

Anymore questions just ask.


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Apr 1, 2007
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There should be a note in the instructions to wipe the dropper tip with a damp cloth as you count the drops. I think the note says after EVERY drop but usually every 2-3 drops will do.

When the R-0009 is quite fresh, it actually has a static charge that causes it to "leap" from the dropper tip instead of dropping normally.....resulting in too small drops.

Wiping the tip will eliminate the issue.


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May 18, 2010
My TF-100 kit does tell me in the directions to wipe the tip after every drop. It even provided a small cloth.


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Jun 16, 2010
Southern Indiana
I just encountered the same problem. :oops:

And here I thought I was getting good at following directions. Heading out to test the 4th time. Hopefully, it's not in the 400+ range again. :lol:
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