Strange issue with circuit breaker tripping in spa mode


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May 15, 2018
In pool mode (at 2350rpm) and pool heating mode (at 2850rpm), everything runs fine. When I turn on my connected spa (3150rpms), it heats and works fine, and then I turn on the air blower (Silencer 1.5HP 220v), and that produces bubbles and works fine. Will run the spa for an hour or so, and then if I turn off the air blower, the GFCI 20 amp double pole circuit breakers for both my heater and my pool pump trip (so 2 breakers trip). I can reset the breakers, and everything seems fine again, until I repeat the sequence. If I run the spa and I turn off the spa first and leave the air blowers on, nothing trips until I turn off the air blower. What's strange though, is if I turn on the air blower alone, not in spa mode, and then turn the air blower off, nothing trips. So, by process of elimination, it seems that the air blower only trips the breakers when turning off in spa mode. Anyone might know the cause of this? Could it be a bad breaker? (I wouldn't think so cause it works fine otherwise), or could it be the heater and the air blower shutting off together that's overloading the circuits? FYI...this has happened before in the past but very infrequently. Now it's happening pretty consistently. And it's only when I turn off the air blower.... Thanks.


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May 15, 2018
They are GFCI CBs in a Pentair Easytouch panel. The two breakers that trip are both 20amp dual pole GFCI breakers. I control the spa and the blower through my Easytouch 8 indoor panel (hardwired). I can get a pic up tomorrow. Just odd that it only trips the breakers when I turn the air blower off. Turning the air blower on causes no issues. On a side, is there any electrical risks being in the pool if the breakers are tripping? (I assume no, since the breakers are doing their job)


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Jul 21, 2013
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Put the ET panel in your signature.

Hard to say what is going on without a closer look at the wiring.

If it is repeatable you may need to bring an electrician in to observe the panel and breakers while it faults.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I suspect that the breaker for your IntelliFlo is not a Pentair breaker.. It is a known issue that the IntelliFlo can have random trips when not using the Pentair breaker.. The trips are caused by harmonics and my guess would be turning off the blower adds just enough extra harmonics to shut it off.. Not everyone has this problem, but when it happens a Pentair breaker usually fixes the problem.

Would not surprise me if the IntelliFlo shutting off causing enough of a surge to turn off the other GFCI breaker.


Jim R.