Strange AquaRite Display


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Apr 6, 2020
New Jersey
Hi Everyone,

Just had to do a mini SLAM and turned my SWG this morning. All was working well until this afternoon when I saw this reading on my display.

I tested my salt using 1766 and my reading was 3000. Went out to and checked my box and saw... please see attached. I cleared everything and it went back to Celsius. Fixed that but my salt reading on the panel was 2300. Added some salt brought it to 2500 on the panel and manged to clear the inspect cell. Check salt is blinking because of the 2500 reading.

Does anyone know what this is? With some research is this the board number?

I also don't want to over salt my pool to make my panel happy. I understand there is a margin of 400ppm but it seems I'm at about 700.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.