Strainer Gasket Sticky


Apr 10, 2017
Middleville Michigan
Anyone have any ideas why this gasket is so gummed up and sticky? I can not seem to get this thing clean. My first year with this pool so I am at a loss for how this got like this. So far I tried soap and water on it but it is impossible to get this sticky stuff off. I keep rubbing and rubbing and it just smears.


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Apr 23, 2017
Dallas, TX
My guess is someone put the wrong kind of lube on it. I would buy a new gasket, clean out the lid with Goo-gone, and install the gasket with correct gasket lube


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
Does the gasket itself feel okay? It could just be pool lube, which seems to act as a dried-grass-and-grit magnet. It won't wash off with soap or detergent, even.

Or, as Hammond mentioned, it could have been greased up with the wrong stuff, like WD40 or motor oil, which makes the rubber itself start getting soft and swollen and mushy.

If it was sealing okay before and still fits nice in the groove, gibe ity a coat of pool lube and put it back together. Or clean it up and replace it. A new O-ring should be inexpensive and readily available at the pool store.