Storm water run in last week, still cloudy today


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Apr 19, 2016
San Antonio, TX
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Hi there,

I posted last week on Thursday that we had a huge storm here in Texas, and my pool overflowed, and had storm water (with dirt) pour into my pool. Up until that event, numbers were good (FC ~9 with CYA round 65) and water was clear.

Since then, I have been maintaining FC anywhere between 11-19, CYA has dropped to 60 (pulled a bunch of water out) and pH last night was a little high (~8) so I added muriatic acid. CC is 0. I have also been running the filter near 24/7 and have vacuumed and scrubbed the pool numerous times. the water is better, but sill cloudy. It's driving me nuts because I want my clear water back!

So, I just need patience and let my sand filter do its job? Do I need to SLAM? I really do not think it is algae, but maybe it is? Any other recommendations?

thanks in advance!
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Apr 17, 2010
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NO!........"should have gotten" means it wasn't actually tested and around lunch is far too late.
Before sun hits pool in am is what is needed.

My pool had 1.5 CC after 3 days of rain/solid overcast and one day of sun burned it right off. I dunno what was in that rain but I only
EVER see that after a party and then only up to 1.
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