Storing stablizer and hardness increaser


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May 9, 2021
Jonestown, TX
I saw the TFP posts about storing chlorine and muriatic acid. I just wasn't 100% clear on the situation with dry stablizer and hardness increaser. Specifically:

1) Is there anything I should avoid storing either of them with?
2) Do they need to be stored indoors or can I store them outdoors in a rubbermaid container even if it gets hot where I live? Relatedly, should that container have air holes?

Thank you for your help!


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
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I have kept mine in one of those laundry detergent buckets from sams for years, together.
In various places like outside on top of a freezer, under the deck, & now they live in the shed. The containers mine came in are those plastic clorox brand ones w/handles (3 of them will fit in the detergent bucket) . Now I believe that brand comes in a bag but i intend to store those the same way. I have never noticed any fumes so I would imagine they r fine so long as they are sealed.
& So long as they are protected from moisture.
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