Stonescape Pebble Finish Question

Mary R

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Aug 13, 2021
San Diego
Hi All,
We're just about done tiling our pool. So the next decision is to select our pebble finish. We want a very vibrant blue and are contracted to use Stonescape brand. My pool rep. recommends we go with Aqua blue mini pebbles with the Puerto Rico blend glass. He doesn't have a pool to show us though. He gave us a two inch sample that doesn't really show us much. Has anybody used this formula, if so what are your thoughts & could you post a picture for me to see? Thanks,
Mary R.
San Diego


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Sep 3, 2018
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We used Aqua White. From the pictures I saw, the Aqua Blue was a similar color but darker. From the Stonescapes colors, I would agree with your pool builder that the Aqua Blue would be the closest color to what you’re looking for. If you don’t want it as dark then I would say the Aqua White like mine. I don’t think you want anything with grey in it.
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