Still tint of green - Test Results included


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Apr 29, 2015
Wheatfield, IN
Opened pool last Tuesday - water temp about 65, 0 FC or CC - water decently green. Started SLAM
Current Test Results
FC- 25 CC- 0
CYA 50
PH 7.2
CH 250
TA 165
Salt Level 3000

I would have expected it to be crystal clear by now - What do I need to do to get it to perfection? Is my TA too high? I am currently keeping the FC around 25 until its clear correct?


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With a CYA of 50, you can keep the FC at 20. More isn't always better. Your other numbers are fine for now. At this point it's all about the SLAM details like brushing, vacuuming, cleaning the filter, and inspecting the pool thoroughly for any potential hiding places for algae.

When you say "water decently green", was that upon opening or how it looks today still?