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Aug 7, 2021
Hampstead, NC
Hi everyone. Here are my numbers. FC 10 TC 10. CH 250. TA 70. CYA 50. PH 8.2 (or more). Salt 3600. I know I need muriatic acid to lower the ph, but what about the other numbers? Is FC too high?


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Jul 21, 2013
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FC of 5 is better then 10 on an ongoing basis with a SWG at CYA 50.

With a FC of 10 or above the pH test becomes invalid and can read high. So I would not adjust your pH until your FC drops a bit and you retest the pH.

Your CYA is a tad low for a SWG but it is ok this time of year getting into the winter months. Come spring you want to raise your CYA to around 70.
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