Still didn't open this season yet...somehow just don't have the enthusiasm to do it....anybody else (in the 60+ age group) feel the same way??


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Jun 1, 2015
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I sent my son into preschool in his bathing suit and crocs (Change of clothes in his backpack.). His teacher saw him and said to me, "Oh I don't know if we are having water play today. It's supposed to rain all morning."

Hmm...So you're not sending them out into the sprinklers because it's raining? Okay, sure. That makes sense.
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Aug 26, 2016
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LOL!!!! Wish I could think of some similarly humorous examples but can't recall any. That's a good one!! Gotta proof-read those texts. There are probably publications out there of embarrassing or otherwise shocking auto-completed texts that say other than intended. Too bad Jay Leno isn't still on the air. He could have a great time with his "headlines" portion of the show just referring to texts that went astray.
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