SteveNbr's first official numbers


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May 10, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
Ok... 2.5 weeks after plaster, here's my numbers:

FC 3
CC 0
TC 3
pH 7.2
T/A 80
CH 230
CYA 25 (ish)
Temp 85 F

Not salt yet, but probably will be next week or so.

I've been using muratic acid to control the ph.

I've been using bleach to chlorinate.

Plenty of areation to be had and sun to be tolerated.

Prior to these, I had added about 5 lbs of cya, the last of it being 5 days ago. So I've just put a little less than a pound in some hose in the skimmer, to help bring this up.

What's the goal on FC?

Any comments on any of the other digits?