Stenner pump/tank question.


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Apr 22, 2019
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I'm just getting started. I am using a 15-gallon gray Stenner Pump/tank combo unit to add 12.5% chlorine solution to the pool. The tank will be indoors as this is an indoor pool. A couple of questions: 1. How long will the chlorine solution last in this container? The equipment room will be kept at a constant 70 degrees. I've read that the solution breaks down over time. 2. I am wondering if I will smell the chlorine in the equipment room since the filler cap isn't a screw-on type but just sits over the opening. Does anyone have experience with a Stenner combo used indoors?

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Jun 22, 2009
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As for how long the bleach will last, it will last a pretty good while since it will be out of the sunlight and in a coolish environment.

As for the odor, there may be some, but it shouldn't be bad at all.
Ideally the room should be vented outdoors, but since I assume the room temp is maintained by an HVAC, so the air exchange should be sufficient to keep a buildup of vapors to a minimum.
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