Stenner Pump Not Working


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Jul 8, 2018
Austin, TX
I've had my DIY liquid chlorinator for a little over a year now (1y3m). Unfortunately, my Stenner Pump (45MPHP10) has stopped working, and I'm just outside of the warranty (1yr).

I test my water about once a week. This week, I tested it and found there was no chlorine in the pool. I turned the pump on and let it run a couple hours, then checked again with no change--still no chlorine. Thus, I started some troubleshooting and found that the pump just isn't suctioning (well) anymore. I tested it with a cup of water to ensure it wasn't something with the filter inside the chlorine barrel (just the tube laying in the water and going into the pump).

What I've Checked:
  1. Chlorine barrel is full, so it's not due to lack of chlorine
  2. Pull the line up, so it's not the filter in the barrel being clogged
  3. Turned the pool pump on low to ensure backflow wasn't too strong and just keeping it from pushing out
  4. Swapped out the line from the barrel with another line, with one end going into the pump, and the other sitting in a cup of water. Still nothing flowing through the pump.
What I've noticed:
  1. The pump is still turning (trying to pump), but it doesn't sound as loud as it did previously.
  2. There does seem to still be suction from the intake line (tested against my hand), but it's not strong (I don't remember what it felt like previously, or if I even tested it with my hand when installing the pump).
I expected it to last longer than this, so a bit disappointed that I might have to replace it already.

Any recommendations on what I can do/try other than just buying a replacement pump?


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Oct 4, 2014
Villa Park, CA
Check for sediment deposits at the injector, the duckbill (if used) and the output line from the pump to the injector. I clean mine every 6 months now and no longer use a duckbill. My pump tubes last about 18 months, so I now replace it at the start of summer. I also added a Stenner AK600 flow indicator on the suction side for a quick status check.


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Jul 8, 2018
Austin, TX
Thanks for the quick replies. Watched the video and ordered a replacement tube.

Is there an alternative to the Aquashield grease that is acceptable to use? That's hard to find and takes a while to ship. Would really like to try to get the pump back up and running this weekend.

@CA92807, nice suggestion on the flow indicator--I'm going to try that out.

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May 31, 2015
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The grease for the Stenner pumps is a non-petroleum product. I would not use anything that is petroleum based around plastics or latex.
I don't know if you could substitute something like Magic Lube for it, or not.
@Stenner Tech Support should be able to answer that question though.
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