Stenner Pump - Econ Series


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Jun 16, 2016
Peoria, AZ
Hi All,

I've been considering whether to get a Liquidator or a Stenner Pump. After careful thought, I'm leaning towards a Stanner pump due to the more precise injection of chlorine. The Econ T model looks especially good as it contains a timer, which means one less item (timer) that I have to purchase and mount.

I've read some threads mentioning that the Stenner Econ T model is for INDOOR use only. In looking at Stenner's website, it appears that it is rated for INDOOR/OUTDOOR. Am I missing something here, or perhaps this is a newer verison of the Econ T??

PS: I've come up with some pros and cons to the Stenner VS Liquidator, in which I'd love to get more feedback.

Pro - Less $$, No electrical, Chlorine stays cooler (submerged in water...I live in PHX in direct sunlight)
Con - Less precise, more cleaning, more failing parts

Pro - Precise
Con - Expensive, electrical concerns, chlorine degradation concerns (chlorine tank shielded, but still hot), motor failure is expensive


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May 18, 2016
Woodland, Ca
If you go the Stenner route, it won't take long to forget about the money spent. It is so nice to have the precision and reliability. I'm curious to learn more about the econ model, it doesn't seem to be much less than a normal model and I wonder what the trade off is?

Do you have any sort of automation? Even for a novice like myself, I found it very easy to integrate into my existing automation.