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Jan 7, 2012
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I'm getting ready for a new build, and I'd like to add a Stenner injection port when the plumber assembles everything at the equipment pad. I'm not planning on adding a Stenner pump quite yet, but I'd like to easily have the option to add one in the future. I'm planning on adding the injection port at the furthest downstream point on the pressure side of the system after the SWG.

What part should I be shopping for? Is there a high quality fitting that can be easily incorporated into the piping while it's being assembled by the plumber?


Jul 29, 2019
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This is the one I use for liquid chlorine injection. It's available multiple places. Basically you want a 100psi version with the check valve and a 1/4" hose unless you are pumping a lot of volume. Then you may want to go to a 3/8" hose. The thread for fitting the nozzle into plumbing is 1/2" NPT.


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The most common fitting for the Stenner injection point is a reducing tee with a ½" threaded branch. They're common at most plumbing stores as well as the big box home improvement stores. You can get the main branches to match the size of your plumbing.

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May 2, 2011
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I just purchased one from Amazon for another "upgrade" I made to my plumbing.

Make sure you order the correct size for your plumbing. The one I listed is for 2" PVC

Here is the one for 1-1/2" plumbing. It is going to be hard to beat that price (currently 3.17) anywhere!

Their price and availability was better than any store around me.
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