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Apr 14, 2020
Attached are some photos of my Stenner Chlorine and Acid install....View attachment 116696
5 Gal "Jerrycan" for 10% Chlorine in an interior closet, supply tube in the back, vent tube in fill cap in front.

View attachment 116697
Both tubes, and the two 24v power cords, are routed thru a 3/4" PVC pipe to the outside.

View attachment 116703
PVC pipe exits into a NEMA enclosure mounted on the outside stucco wall. The Chlorine pump is seen here, with fittings
for the Jerrycan vent, pressure side of Chlorine line, and spill vent exiting the bottom of the NEMA box.

View attachment 116702
Acid pump seen on left. Both E20T4G pumps are in one NEMA box, but sealed off from each other to prevent any
liquids/gases from intermingling in the event of a leak.

View attachment 116701
White supply tube for acid, 3 clear tubes for venting and spill drains, and 2 black pressure tubes to injectors.
3/4" thick foam board on lid seals off the acid from the chlorine sections.

View attachment 116700
The two injectors
View attachment 116699
Acid Jerrycan, 5 Gal. I used cable glands in the bottom of the NEMA box to seal off and hold the vent, pressure and
drain lines as they come out of the bottom of the box. Vent and drain lines go thru the small gap between the concrete
block and the house foundation, and terminate 2 feet out.

View attachment 116698
Another view of the whole setup. I used the same NEMA box as the other folks in this post, but I would recommend
painting it with a UV-resistant spray bomb, as the ABS plastic is not UV resistant itself. You can buy UV resistant boxes,
but they cost another $60 bux more!!
Very nice install!


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Apr 15, 2020
Pageland SC
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This is the best thread.... looking at doing this in the spring... question.. the "injector" areas... is this a normal PVC T or something special to fit/screw into?

My pool has a decommissioned FROG system. The top of the housing for the frog cartridges had a nice thick flat spot to drill and tap a hole to put the injection quill into.

I suspect that if you look you can probably find a good spot to do the same. If not, I think you should be able to maybe slice a "tee" into a piece of pipe post filter, put a cap on the third outlet from the tee, and drill/tap into that.
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