Stenner Econ T Up and Running


Mar 19, 2019
Houston, TX
Happy to say that I finally got my LC distribution well in hand. Ordered and received a Stenner Econ T peristaltic pump and 7.5 Gallon tank combo. Came with the "A" tube and 20' of clear line. Upgraded to the "C" tube and UV resistant line. Tank/Pump is sitting on my workbench in my garage, pool equipment is on the other side of the back wall. Existing hole for sprinkler system wiring going through the wall was sufficient to run the UV line to an unused fitting on my Pentair in-line chlorinator. Hookup was a snap, creating the pump run-time program just as easy. With the "C" tube I can deliver 1.33 oz of LC per minute - meaning shorter run-times for the pump. Works like a charm and would recommend to others.
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