Staticy or gurgling sound


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I've recently noticed an almost continuous static like or gurgling sound coming from what seems to be my multi position lever for my filter (Hayward DE 4820). Anyone experience this before or have any ideas what it could be? I'm gonna call the PB since it is less than a year old, but I thought I'd fish for some feedback here first.



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Jun 12, 2010
NE Ohio
I have a different filter to you (also a Hayward though) and I heard a type of rattling just before the check valve gave out. I don't know if yours has a spring loaded check valve like mine, but this might be a possibility.


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Apr 1, 2007
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I have a very small suction side leak (you can barely see the very small bubbles in the strainer basket) that causes a noise almost identical to what you are describing.

However, in my system that noise takes place at the impellor from the bubbles striking the blades.


Aug 17, 2010
having same issue with my new pool just installed, seems to be filtering fine but the needle on the pressure gauge is really jump and only stays around 10. it's driving me nuts!