Starting a new pool project.

Rich D

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Aug 3, 2018
Well that's too funny... I was going to post that very suggestion, but unfortunately I lost track of this post and never ended up replying.

I think your new approach is a great solution.

Hauling in fill is much cheaper than building the wall across the back and will give you a better end result. This also works much better with the pool dig. If you want to do it in phases you can now leave enough space to accommodate the excess material from the pool dig.

I would also consider putting some blocks in front of the shed and along the Gable end that's sticking out of the ground. So the top of the blocks is just below the floor of the shed and flush with finish grade. You would then step out of the shed onto the top of the blocks. this will allow you not to have to try to backfill under the shed and leave a good air space under there as well.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
Sounds better I always prefer to build tiers in walls if access and use is wanted. Plan for the fill from pool so you dont waste money on trucking. You can always add a load or two at the end. Free fill delivered is easy look on craigslist or call septic guys they have plenty of free fill
Well I'm starting to get very disappointed with the pool builder. He did not plan the wall construction very well and apparently had not pulled permits yet. So today we are waiting to find out how the town will treat the setback requirement. The PB has some concern they will want the wall to be 15 feet from the property line since we are putting in a pool. This makes no sense to me but I didn't speak to him directly so I'm not sure why they would want this (no setback requirement for the wall alone). The wall builder is getting frustrated as he is wasting money having his excavator sit on my property. If this isn't resolved quickly we may be put off until spring. I'll update as I hear more.
Okay well within minutes of my last post I got a new update. The town is fine with the wall being on the property line. It won't be right on the line but closer than 15 feet. The builder provided a hand drawing of the wall and the permit will be issued. The wall block company requires a new engineer drawing to send the block. The engineer recognizes his error and is re-doing the drawing no charge. All this will be done this week. Monday will begin construction. Expected 2 weeks from then for completion (though the builder probably forgot about Turkey Day so maybe 3 weeks).