Started my bleach addition to convert from Baquacil to chlor


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May 28, 2008
Jackson, NJ
I just adjusted my ph to7.2 and added slightly over 7 gals of 6% bleach. Amazing, the first addition turning the water light brown at 230pm New Jersey time. I took some pictures. My daughter came home at 3pm and she said it is green. I asked her to take some pictures because I didn't believe her. Sure enough it is light green.

I have to get a kit from Leslie's Pool because I don't have enough time to get the TF-100. I read in a post today that the Leslie #81329 Chlorine FAS-DPD Service Test Kit is a decent kit. It will have to do in short notice. Next time I need to get a kit, it will be the TF-100.

I am very happy that I got connected with TFP. I only wish that I found this forum much sooner.

Just to let you know, I am a Baquacil user since 1993. I really liked it when using it in my 18' x 48" agv pool. Rarely had problems with it in this pool except for pink algae. Pro Team Supreme took care of it. The PTS also kept my Baquicil costs down by using less of it.

My wife wanted a bigger pool in 2005. We tore it down and had a 28'd x 54"h AGV pool installed in June 2005. About 19,500gals. It has a 1.5hp Hayward pump with a Hayward Pro Series High Rate Sand Filter, model S210T. We kept using Baq. It was good for the first season. Last year it was cloudy and stayed that way all summer till we closed it. There is a limitation of 25,000 gals of pool size when using Baq. Maybe that is why there are some problems using it.

I just had to replace the motor. It seized again. First time it seized was last year. I shut it down to clean the strainer after running 24/7 for 21 days. I turned the switch on to restart and it seized up. I got it free by loosening the centrifugal switch and it lasted till startup this May.

I appreciate all of your advice in the conversion.