Started Down the Road to Liner Replacement


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Jun 25, 2014
Pflugerville, TX
My 15x30 IG has a vinyl liner that's seen better days. It's probably over 8 years old ( I bought the house 6 years ago, and it wasn't new then) and it's getting faded and tired. The straw that broke the camel's back was when a puncture showed up in the floor this summer and I started losing water. That's patched for now, but I see the writing on the wall.

I've been working with a PB the last week or so to get measurements and quotes, and today I gave them the advance for the custom liner material. It's supposed to be in after 7-10 days, and then they'll get started on the replacement.

The funny thing is, they started trying to "pool-store" me the minute they set foot on-site. "Oh, you know that's caused by chlorine, right? If you just convert over to a mineral system like we sell, then you can run much lower chlorine and your liner won't be damaged like it is now!" I mentally rolled my eyes and said "Uh huh? Hmmm... Yeah. I'll keep that in mind." Knowing better all along, of course.

Anyway, I felt like the price we agreed upon was reasonable for the work, and I'm looking forward to having a fresh new pool, with perhaps a different liner pattern and a change of scenery!

I'll post new photos as things progress. Here's what it looks like now.


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Aug 19, 2014
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I am SO THANKFUL the poolco I use for things like this don't up sell like that. Definitely a rarity!

I had them do my liner, did a great job on that. I also had them replace a very old heater. No up sell for all those jobs.


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Jun 25, 2014
Pflugerville, TX
Its a shame to have to lose all that pretty, clear, TFP water!
Yeah, believe it or not that's one of my biggest regrets... after getting my SWCG system installed this spring, my water chemistry has been better than it has in years. I test every couple of days, and the pool is almost on autopilot! I'll have to start completely over with my CYA, my salt, everything.

I'm all wrapped up in trying to choose a liner pattern now. I feel like what I have is too light for my tastes, so I'm looking at deeper blues. I hope I don't overcompensate and get it too dark. Right now, my first choice is Pacific Tide/Prism from Plastimayd (a Latham product line)



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Jun 25, 2014
Pflugerville, TX
It's happening!
The liner came in and the installer is coming tomorrow at 7:30 am. I spent the afternoon getting the rest of the water out of the pool. I had two 2" gasoline-powered pumps running while trying to keep the discharge lines moving around to various parts of the lawn. I am on a septic tank here and don't have anywhere else to discharge the water, so we spread it evenly around the 1/2 acre lot. The SWCG has been off for three days so my only concern is the salt, but St. Augustine grass is supposed to be very resistant to soil salinity so I'm hoping it works out OK.
It looks much worse once the water's out of it! I went with the Pacific Tide/Prism that I posted before, so I'm anxious to see what it looks like in person. It's hard to pick from a picture in a brochure. Once it's done I will post pictures in the "How Does Your Liner Actually Look Installed" thread.

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May 29, 2019
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That's awesome.

Seems as if it was made in a reasonable amount of time, installed on the day that was scheduled for, They showed up on time, and did the work in slightly over 4 hours? wow. I am impressed.

Good luck and enjoy

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Apr 1, 2007
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Call 'em up for those scraps. They may have some laying in the truck still. No HUGE loss. Clear patching material is readily available.

Your pool looks really nice and It sure looks like the work was professional.
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