Start up and Chemicals on hand


May 17, 2007
Happy Valley, Oregon
What assortment and quantity of chemicals (bbb) should I have on hand for setting up my pool?

How much do you keep on hand throughout the summer?

I hope to have the pool set up this week and wanted to be prepared.

Thanks...Chris :)


Mod Squad
TFP Expert
Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
Although there are several chemicals that MIGHT be used, most people don't need them all.

Bleach for chlorination
Muriatic Acid to lower pH (and to lower TA, but it's more complex than just adding it)
Baking Soda to raise TA
Borax to raise pH
Washing Soda to raise pH
Cyanuric Acid also known as CYA or stabilizer to stabilize chlorine

These are the primary items to have on hand. I never use baking soda, washing soda or borax because my water is high alkalinity, so the pH always climbs.

As to what you need, get a sample of your fill water tested, preferably by yourself with the HTH 6way kit you can get at Walmart to find out where you stand on pH and alkalinity. Find out how much water your pool holds when full to the skimmer line to base your calculations on. You'll probably have to buy quite a bit more CYA than you need, but it keeps. Tell us about your pool and fill water and we can give you better guesses as to what you'll need.