Stains from Abalone Shell in Plaster


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Aug 14, 2020
St. Louis, Missouri
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Hello everyone, I am relieved, but also nervous. After months of investigating and troubleshooting the brown staining in my plaster pool, I have finally found the reason after seeing this thread. It’s Abalone shells in the Diamond Brite pool plaster. pool is only 1 year old and I started noticing the brown spots shortly after the pool was completed. They have become more numerous and have spread out over larger areas. Mainly on my steps and benches. I have spent months troubleshooting the staining to no avail. Jacks Magic, acid wash test, vitamin C tablets, chlorine tablets, pumice stone, etc...Nothing worked. My pool plaster is Diamond Brite Cool Blue with Abalone Shells. Has anyone found a successful solution other than a complete tear out and redo of the plaster? Thanks for any help!