Staining on WetEdge Luna Quartz Bermuda finish


Jul 23, 2020
Centreville Maryland
I have a 2 year old pool and ever since it was completed we have had issues with an inconsistent looking surface. The pool builder has tried multiple acid baths (one even with a full empty of the pool and power wash) and a jacks stain treatment and nothing has seems to have fixed the issue.

I was wondering if any one has dealt with an issue like this before? I've attached pictures and hopefully it comes through on the screen. Notice how around the walls and the edges it's a darker color? Notice towards the middle it's more of a whitish color?

Any input or thoughts greatly appreciated.



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Jul 25, 2011
Both power sanding and acid treatments remove a thin layer of plaster from a typical half-inch plaster coat. The difference is that power sanding should provide a smooth, hard, and dense surface which is able to withstand water and chemicals much better and last longer. Acid treatments leave a rough, pitted, and porous surface which will continue to deteriorate faster and will be easily stained by metals and dirt in the water.