Staining on PebbleTec Pool


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Jun 7, 2018
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I'm about to drain and refill my PebbleTec pool after 3 years in the AZ sun. While I am at it I'd like to try and remove some white staining which I think I created when I drained the pool last time by using a chlorine rinse to remove algae (see pictures). You can see the staining around the main drain where I think the chlorine solution accumulated and sat for a while causing some kind of stain. Any suggestions on what will safely remove these?

Also the PebbleTec overall has kind of a dull look to and I can see a scale buildup on underwater lights. I also have a waterfall that has a substantial scale build-up on the tile as well so any suggestions/product recommendations on how to clean all these areas would be greatly appreciated!


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Some or all of what you see may be scale. Scale cannot easily be removed from the plaster surface. Pool maintenance companies use an acid wash - which will also dramatically reduce the life span of your plaster surface. Another option is a zero alkalinity treatment. Less aggressive but still can reduce plaster life.
Your best bet is, right after filling with fresh water, is to maintain a low CSI of around -0.6. This is felt to be aggressive and should reduce the scale buildup. Do not do it for a very long time, but few weeks to a couple months should be OK. You have a shot at achieving it right after filling as your CH will be as low as you can get it. You will have to drive your TA down to lower levels and then keep the pH low as well.
Read CSI and LSI - Further Reading
The Poolmath App will calculate the CSI for you.

If any of the areas are stained from your liquid chlorine wash (which you should never do), that is permanent.
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