Staining Issue

Mar 22, 2017

I installed a gunite salt water pool last July during a drought. I have some brown staining on my sun shelf. I don't have a cover and was gone out of the country for two weeks, my timer got zapped by a storm apparently. I was told it rained for almost a week straight while we was gone. When we got home it was swamp green, I've got it back to this point but the light brown stain won't lift. Any ideas?
I also keep getting a pile of sandy/mortar type material on the sun shelf. I'm wondering if the storms washed some of my mortar off from the coping and the stains are from the mortar?, we had hardly any rain during the summer and fall after the pool was installed. All my installer told us to do after the install was brush the pool everyday until the white dust from the install was gone. Thanks for any input! Would love to get the stains gone before summer arrives.

Also any idea why my flagstone coping is turning white in spots?


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I would say to elevate your chlorine to twice your normal maintenance level and leave it there for about 10 days or so. At the same time, brush the brown stains vigorously with a deck brush (bristle brush) and I believe they will come out.