Stabilizer free chlorine pucks or tablets for skimmer OR good liquid chlorine dispersion method


Oct 10, 2018
We don't recommend the routine use of chlorine pucks. They cause too much rise in CYA stabilizer, which means your free chlorine requirements increase also.

Have you considered using liquid chlorine (or plain, unscented household bleach, NOT Clorox brand)? You can find 10% liquid chlorine in the pool section of Walmart.

Maddie :flower:
I've run into high stabilizer this year from overdoing pucks.
I do have liquid chlorine but it is hard on the bottom of my liner pool.
My last pool guy didn't hook up the main drain to my pump (pipe still there) and all chlorine easily makes it to the deep end bleaching the liner.

I was researching non-stabilized tablets here but they either goo up the equipment or add too much calcium over time.

I did buy hth extra Duration chlorinating capsules - 6 capsules for 18$, (65% calcium hypochlorite) but they seem both expensive and dont have much chlorine.

Any better options ?

(1) chlorine pucks / capsules / whatever

(2) a method of getting chlorine into the pool while still being liner friendly until I get my main drain hooked up again ?

Rancho Cost-a-Lotta

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Apr 10, 2018
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The best option is a SWG. That aside, it sounds like you just need to dispense the chlorine into the water more slowly. Pour in front of a return jet and make sure the pump is running for at least 20 minutes after. For MA, I use a large 36 Oz measuring cup. I slowly dip it into the pool and allow pool water to fill it as I swirl. I keep swirling for several seconds until the chemical is diluted.
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