Stabilizer clinging to pool wall?


Jul 25, 2019
We have a 70 yr old, painted concrete pool, 50,000 gallons........added stabilizer this year per the “sock method”......pool Is crystal clear and all numbers are fine. However, we have noticed a white chalky residue on side walls that rubs off on your can’t see it on the pool wall but it clouds the water when rubbed. It seems like the stabilizer that you see after “squeezing the socks” to help dissolve the stabilizer. The pool does become cloudy after heavy use...... we brush the walls and vacuum floor and walls several times a week. We used hth stabilizer.......anyone else noticing this? Suggestions? Thanks!


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May 23, 2015
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Sorry to say, but pool paint of any brand or type is a terrible surfacing material and doesn’t last long. So what you’re seeing is the paint surface becoming chalky from the chemical breakdown of the paint material as it is exposed to water, UV, and/or chlorine 24/7/365. It will continue to shed paint and get worse until it is redone and then it will only last a year or two before it starts to shed again.

A concrete pool should be plastered for longevity. But if it’s 70 years old and not worth putting the money into that, then just repaint the pool when you’ve gotten fed up with the chalky exfoliation.


Jul 25, 2019
Could very well be the paint....we bought the house 4 years ago, and pool was painted a few years before we bought the house......We know it needs work....trying to find a pool restoration source for plastering next year ..... easier said than done!
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