Sta-Rite SR400na - Now what? No codes, brief ignition

Jun 16, 2014
Queen Creek/AZ
I have a 20yr old Sta-Rite SR400NA heater that had last worked about 15 years ago. I won't go into why its been so long...long story with electrical power availability. At any rate, the heater has been in place (plumbing/gas) it's entire life (manufactured in 1997 and presumable installed shortly there after). Once I resolved the power issue and attempted to fire it up, I had to replace the control board, the control panel and the stack flue sensor to get to this point. So now when I turn the heater on and adjust the temp to 95, the air blower comes on and I hear the flame kick on for just a second. During the brief flame up, the service heater light just flashes on and the AFS diag light also flashes, but just for that brief second. This cycle continues over and over. There are no permanent error codes nor any diagnostic lights stuck on. Any ideas on where to go next to get this heater in service?
Thanks all.


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Jul 6, 2011
Could be the blower motor is weak. Could have water in the tank because of a leaking heat exchanger. When a unit sits idle for long periods of time, they are usually to the point that they should be replaced.

First check for water in the can, Remove the last bolt on the manifold and see if water comes out. It there is water in it, scrap the unit and get a new one. If no water then the blower is possibly too weak to run correctly thus you need a new one. Not cheap.