Sta-rite S8D110


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Just wondering or hoping that someone might help me out by telling me what the proper PSI should be using a sta-rite S8D110 DE Mod 3 Filter? Have loaded and has been running for a month and has been steady at 17PSI.
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May 7, 2007
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The normal filter pressure will be different for every pool. It has to do with pipe lengths and flow restrictions and the number of bends in the pipe and other things that are difficult to know. The best way to find out is simply to get more experience with your particular system and find out what happens in different situations.

If the filter is reasonable large for the size of the pool and the water has been clean then having the pressure remain steady for a month could be normal. Check that the gauge goes to (near) zero when you turn off the pump. If it stays at 17 with the pump off then it is broken, otherwise you are probably fine.


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Thanks for the quick reply. I have attached a pic to show you somewhat how close the pump/filter are. The pool shed is less than ten feet away from the left side of the pool(by the stairs). I am sure that everything is ok but just wanted to ensure that the PSI was not going to burn the pump out prematurely. All lines are 2" except for the returns which go through the heater and SWG. Thanks again.