Sta-Rite IntelliPro Pump


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Jul 27, 2007
Sahuarita, AZ
Hi all, I'm in mid-build right now and I specified a Pentair Intelliflow 4x160 in my contract for the primary pool pump. The PB installed a Sta-Rite IntelliPro instead and I'd like peoples opinions on whether I should insist on the IntelliFlow. Basically Pentair bought Sta-Rite recently and started producing a Sta-Rite pump with Intelliflow technology. It's essentially an Intelliflow motor and electronics on a Sta-Rite wet-end from what I understand. I posted over on the GardenWeb pool forum asking about this pump and there were responses claiming the Sta-Rite pump was noisier than the Pentair and it had some sealing issues (unsure of specifics). I've told my PB that I want the Pentair pump that's detailed in the contract and today I got home and the construction manager had told my wife that they'd contacted the Sta-Rite techs and they claim that the Sta-Rite will work better with my pool setup (in sig) and I might have issues with the Pentair.

I'm really thinking this is total BS since they sell exclusively Sta-Rite products and probably get a better deal and will make more profit on a Sta-Rite v.s. Pentair pump. Or is there some reason that anyone can think of that the Sta-Rite pump would be better?

Thanks everyone!