sta rite 400na SFS


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Mar 26, 2021
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I have a SR400na it has a code of SFS and pool heater will not fire up at all and the service heater indicator light comes on immediately after I reset and clear the code
I change the stack temperature thermal well to see if that was the problem but it did not clear the problem of the SFS code.
I check continuity on the stack thermal well wiring to the electronic card plug continuity was good
I put a jumper on the stack thermal well wires and I can get the heater to fire up and run like normal.
I Spoke with the manufacturer and they said that it could possibly be the electronic card.
Has anyone ever had this problem?


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Mar 2, 2011
Press and hold the Off button for about 10 seconds until Ad0 is displayed and then release the Off button.

Press the Off button and SF1 should display.

If it says SF0, press the temperature down button (or up button) to change it to SF1.

Press and release the Off button to save.
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