Sta-rite 3 Flow Issues


New member
May 16, 2020
I have the Sta-rite system 3 filter. My filter was 4yrs. old last year. Last year and part of the season before, I had very low flow going through my pool. So this year I bought another new cartridge system. I have the exact same problem as last year. I can see the water flowing into the "pump basket". It only fills the basket part way up. I never get that great flow where you can't see water because the flow is so fast. If I go all main drain or go all skimmer, the same result doesn't make a difference. When I move the valve so water bypasses filter and goes straight out of the pool then the flow is much better.
So I figure the issue is with the filter. Also, the gauge is broken and I've ordered a new one. It reads incorrectly and doesn't bleed air properly.

Any suggestions? On Wednesday I cleaned the filters and by Thursday same problem.