St George, Utah Pool Build - Close to Finish


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Jun 20, 2020
St George, Utah
I’ve been lurking for awhile on this forum and appreciate all of the great info. Our pool build started in January 2020 and now more than 8 months later it is finally coming to close (I can hope, can’t I?). It has been a struggle keeping contractors on task. Anyways, I thought I would share some recent photos.8806E810-37B9-47F5-BE91-448CE039295D.jpegE0AC8CD7-1B5B-4E91-8F53-A2007BEAC96F.jpegF1F297C8-9188-412F-9862-B032BB72AAF1.jpegC16448A3-AA43-452C-A53C-B097838AC1E1.jpegDC582F04-715E-41BA-AE70-27FA4E98B7AF.jpeg35791F3B-CFC5-4148-A41C-1412B08D699F.jpeg269E3115-AF8A-4BC0-952E-2E891FDD0957.jpegD38494E8-1764-4704-8754-4EEF4141A2AC.jpegDA045535-BD47-4E9A-980E-FB86E56771E4.jpegEE4A6250-4353-4E43-A73E-0DFDBA0D2D2F.jpeg


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Jul 16, 2012
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Beautiful pool! Congrats on getting it wrapped up. I like your setting for the detached spa. I suspect that will be getting heavy use soon, if not already.
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