Squeaking a Few Years out of Rusted Coping


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Jun 10, 2019
New England

First let me start off by saying I understand just how bad this looks. Know that we are planning on doing pretty much a complete rebuild in a few years once the vinyl liner goes. We would be doing a new liner, pool deck, coping, plumbing and equipment, but I need to get a few more seasons out of this thing in the meantime.

The pool was originally installed in 1977 and I believe the coping to be original. It is an interesting 2 layer coping with the bottom layer being steel and the top layer being aluminum. The aluminum is in good shape besides being weathered, but the steel part is basically rotting away into nothingness in certain places.

My plan is to remove existing caulking, clean, sand, rustoleum prime and rustoleum paint (or whatever rust primer and paint is recommended) both layers of coping and then add a thick bead of caulking to seal the coping to the concrete.

I am looking for recommendations on what I can use to fill in the sections where the coping has pretty much rotted away. I know that nothing will look perfect and nothing will last, but I just need a stop gap measure. I am thinking some sort of fiberglass resin or bondo type product, but open to any and all ideas.

Sad rusty photos are attached.



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Jun 10, 2019
New England
The closer I look at it, the side that seems completely rusted away is not actually any worse than the rest of it. It seems that because the pool deck is sinking on that side, its leaving a bigger gap than around the rest of the pool. I will have to clean up all the old caulking and whatnot so see what I am really dealing with.

Still looking for recommendations on how to fill that gap. Thanks!


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Jun 7, 2017
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Could you link me to an example? I can't find any that are simple enough for this application.

I am talking about regular construction brick molding PVC/Urethane types.



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Jun 10, 2019
New England
I am talking about regular construction brick molding PVC/Urethane types.

Makes sense, but wouldn't I want a completely flat piece of moulding without any detail on it? I am having a hard time finding one thats plain.


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Jun 10, 2019
New England
Finally got around to starting this project. I was able to remove the majority of the old caulk and can now see what I am actually dealing with for the most part.

For the majority of the coping where the pad hasn't sunk, my next steps would be to sand off the old paint/remaining caulking, spray with a rust converter/primer, insert backer rod in bigger gaps, re-caulk and spray with top coat. What is the best rust converter to use? What is the best caulk to use that won't gray over time like the old one? Should I do the top coat or caulk first?

For the one section/corner where the pad has sunk, I am thinking the hydraulic cement may be my best bet at this point. It appears someone in the past filled the gap with foam which I am planning to leave in there as filler. Any tips on how to do the hydraulic cement and how to not screw it up? What type of trowel to use?

For the one or two spots where the coping has rusted away, thinking I will try to repair with some fiberglass bondo. Tips on doing this or which bondo product to use?

Some pics below of the sunken corner.
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