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May 7, 2007
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Small quantities of most detergents and soaps, say a few spritzes from a spray bottle, will be broken down by chlorine reasonably quickly and not cause any problems. Larger quantities, say an entire container, could use up your chlorine and possibly cause significant foaming.


You can use 'Tile Soap". It will not foam since it is designed for use in pools (and mixed with muriatic acid is the BEST waterline tile cleaner around! ) It is a non foaming surfactant. I use the 'Poolboy' brand. It comes in gallon jugs but it's worth having around. Most well stocked pool supplies carry tile soap. You don't want an acid based tile cleaner, just tile soap like the pool maintenance guys use.

Another great use of tile soap is to put it in a squeeze bottle and squirt it across the pool when you are skimming with a net. It will make all the pollen and small stuff collect around the edge of the pool and make skimming it out much easier.


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Mar 29, 2007
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waterbear said:
You can use 'Tile Soap". It will not foam since it is designed for use in pools . . .
Is it safe to use on fiberglass? If so, where can I get some? Is it sold in any online stores? I could look locally but I doubt I would find it. . .


Yes, it is safe for fiberglass. I use it all the time to clean my waterline tile. It is probably sold in online stores but I don't know where. Most well stocked pool supplies should carry it or be able to get it for you. Tell them you want 'tile soap'. The kind used by pool service companies in the gallon jugs.