Spring conversion from Baquacil planned, how should I close my pool?


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Aug 30, 2020
Greetings, new member here. :)
I bought my pool this spring and choose the Baquacil system. I have not had any issues, but I really wanted a salt water system. I let the local company talk me out of it. My mistake :).
I want to convert to using salt next spring, and so I really don't want to add any more baq. chemicals if I don't need to. The starter kit came with CDX, but I have not used it other than the initial startup dose that was in the kit.
What process should I use to close out my pool? Should I close it using the Baquacil chemicals? Should I just cover it up, drain the majority of water in the spring and then start the conversion process or??

Looking for guidance and opinions. My pool is a 28' doughboy above-ground. I have the doughboy in-wall entry system (in-wall steps) if that matters (I can't imagine that it does, but I do not want to leave out anything.)


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Jul 21, 2011
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Seeing you're going to turn the pool a NASTY greenish color next Spring I wouldn't worry about adding any chemicals over the winter. It's only going to set you back. Just go ahead and Winterize (minus any chemicals) as you normally would and cover it. The main advice I would give you however is to make sure to still cover late and open early as any rain/snow you can get into the Pool to help add fresh water is ideal.

And where are my manners? WELCOME TO TFP!!!
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Jan 17, 2012
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You'll enjoy a salt water pool so much more- no lugging chemicals home, money savings, soft and sanitary water that you can easily test which will make you feel assured of the quality.

I'll ditto Leebo's welcome- WELCOME! :wave: