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Mar 19, 2022
South Florida
Hi we have a home in south Florida, we have a pool and originally had a propane heater installed.

We recently started to rent the home as a short term.

I noticed my propane levels have been dropping significantly for a full month rental, 30 days or so, 240 gallons of propane Rear used.

The heater to the pool is off. But I do let guests use the spill over spa, around 300-400 gallons.

Now we have a Pentair system, it turns the pool mode daily.

Now is it reasonable that they used this much propane over such a short time. I can only see that if they keep turning the spa on and off daily?

If they somehow figured how to turn the pool heater I would imagine they would use a lot more propane as the temps have been in the 50s at night.

For this reason I am thinking of switching to electric heater but I wanted to see if this amount of propane is normal for let’s say daily spa use.


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Jun 24, 2021
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One gallon of propane contains about 91,500 BTU. If you have a 400K heater, you will consume roughly 4.5 gallons per hour when the heater is on.

So, divide the size of your heater by 90,000 and that is how many gallons per hour it will use.

240 Gallon, assuming you have a 400K heater, would have to be on for 54 hours.
Gallons / ((Heater BTU / 90)) = Hours
240 / ((400 / 90)) = 54

Just substitute your heater size to recalculate.
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