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Aug 24, 2010
Hey guys, I am brand new so please forgive my ignorance. I have a Prestiege spillover lounge spa. In the bottom of the spa there are about eight gray circles (silver dollar size) and when the blower is on bubbles will come up from them...well four of them. The four on the other side will only work for about 2 minutes. There are two levers on the spa itself, when I turn one of them the four that work turn off. When I turn the other lever I get nothing at all.

When the spa is off I can feel water coming out of all eight circles. Any suggestions? I checked the swiths and cleaned them.

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So to help others, please share what you found out. Was it that the circulation pump is on all the time even when you aren't running the jets? So four are used for pump circulation while four are for aeration? Did you figure out why the four probably used for circulation only have aeration for a couple of minutes?
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