Spider cracks in fiberglass rim


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Apr 21, 2017
Port Matilda, PA
Our inground pool is 20 years old. Its fiberglass walls and concrete bottom. The seams on the walls had clear silicone that is peeling off. The seams themselves under that seem fine. White caulk or sikaflex is in the joints. Do we need to apply anything over the seam or is it ok without silicone?
Also we have small spidercracks on the top rim that meets concrete patio. Any way to cover th ose up? I attached pics of each. My local pool company is not interested in giving advice! Thanks for any suggestions. The pool is not losing any water.



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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
Depending on the type of gelcoat used on the fiberglass, you might be able "fuse" it back together with acetone or some other heavy solvent. You can add some white gelcoat to the solvent to flow into the cracks.

The seams between the panels will eventually leak (if they don't already) so I'd keep them sealed with 3M 5200 marine caulk. 20 years, you say? You're living on borrowed time! :(