Special Pilot screw for face ring on pool light (brass or S/S?)


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Jan 9, 2017
I have two Pentair "SAM" (color changing) pool lights. Both stopped working a while ago. I finally got around to pulling from their niches to inspect (one is full of water the other may just be bad bulbs). I noticed when I removed the lights, that one light had a S/S face ring screw and the other had the brass screw to hold the light into the niche. The manual for these lights is full of warnings about using the "Special Pilot" screw to mount the light to the niche. I do remember that the light fixture came with two "special pilot screws", the brass one and the S/S one. But the manual doesn't say if one screw is preferred over the other. Does it matter?

Since I'm going to be replacing the bulbs I can get a new pilot screw too if need (Brass is p/n 79104800 and S/S is p/n 610355 available at Inyo Pools).

There are different face rings (a S/S one and a plastic one. Items 1 and 3) Pentair Spectrum Amerilite Parts - INYOPools.com

I have the S/S mounting ring. Should I be using a S/S pilot screw?


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
You can ask inyopool that question as they are our go to people for that kind of thing. I see you are getting the lights from them-nice job!



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Apr 3, 2016
Orlando FL
Thanks for your advice.
I'm only buying the gaskets and new bulbs at this time (and a new S/S screw). I l know the bulbs are burnt out.
But I don't know if the water that leaked into the fixture did any more damage. If the new bulbs doesn't get the lights working. I'll replace them with LED. But those darn lights are so expensive.
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