Spec a new pump


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Jul 12, 2010
Wimberley TX
Before I ask my question, I want to thank all of the incredibly talented and generous folks who contribute so much knowledge to this forum--it has been my elevator up the learning curve as I have boned up on pool info in prep for owning a pool for the first time! Virtually every topic has offered some useful information!

So, my newbie question:
Our pool will be IG, 12X32 gunite with pebble finish, one skimmer, 5 returns, 2" piping, Hayward 425 sq ft cartridge filter, inline chlorinator (temporary until I install a SWCG), 6.5 ft in deep end, 3.5ft in shallow, so that is about 15,000 gallons, I guess. The pump is about on the same level as the pool water level. I want a two speed, efficient pump. My PB typically installs Hayward, but will install any brand I want. I have pored over the spreadsheets and motor specs (thanks mas985!) and it looks like the 1HP Jandy Flo-Pro model #FHPM 1.0-2 is a good fit for my needs--Hayward doesn't appear to have any comparably efficient 1HP pumps. My PB is leery about using a low-HP 2-speed pump because he says it would be a waste of money if the low speed did not create enough flow for the skimmer to work, so he may even want to bump up the HP, but I'm not sure that is correct.

So, given this limited info, does the Jandy model sound like a good fit for this pool?

(Some guys showed up this afternoon and started cutting trees at our pool site!)


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May 25, 2007
I have a 3/4hp pentair 2 speed on my 21,200 gal pool and on low the skimmer works just fine. Fantastic flow on high as well.