Sparkle Quartz with white base


Mar 23, 2019
Southern Utah
Planning on plastering my new pool next week, originally we were going to go with finest finish sparkle quartz (lakeside), but I’ve seen enough negativity towards a blue base that I’m planning to go with white.
My pool builder can do a generic quartz aggregate, with just a standard plaster warranty, or he can go with the finest finish sparkle quartz (7 year warranty), with a white base. He says the sparkle quartz is a smaller aggregate. The problem is that I have not seen the sparkle quartz with white plaster in person. Has anyone seen it? Anyone care to offer an opinion? Thank you.


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
I don’t have that finish but I wouldn’t put too much stock in the manufacturers warranty. You can read it here -

The manufacturer pretty much only warranties it’s materials from failure, not application or water chemistry issues. In fact, the warranty pretty much states that they are not responsible for anything (they even exclude mottling). So you basically have to trust your pool builder and plaster installation subcontractor to respond to plaster issues and hope that they’ll fix any issues. Finest Finish isn’t going to get involved nor will they pay for any issues. These types of warranties are pretty much standard across the pool plaster industry.

You are wise to stay away from blue tones as they easily fade. Plaster colorants are tricky and you rarely see a pool with a perfectly uniform color other than light grey.