Sparkle Conquest use


May 28, 2017
Georgetown TX
For the first time when I shocked my pool I got a purple dust on the bottom and sides. I believe it is because they removed an old rusted out heater during the off season and maybe when they replumbed some metals were in the pipes. Nothing else has changed. It was recommended I brush/vacuum everything up. I have brushed out about 7/8 of the pool with just some remaining purple settling. It was also recommended I use Sparkle Conquest. The bottle says wait until the chlorine level is very low. I was hoping to put my solar cover on and with the cooler weather I don't believe my chlorine level will go down for a week. So do I add the conquest before I put the cover on while the chlorine is still high? Or do I wait until the chlorine level is low and take the cover off then and add it.
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