Spare Pump Ideas?


Mar 3, 2022
So, a neighbor of mine took down his 30 yr. old above ground pool... and dropped off a bunch of accessories including a 1yr old 3/4 hp motor... i have thoughts to use it for a "feature".

1. create a standing "jet" Messager...
2. create a water feature... fountain.. waterfall...

I have an above ground with a nice resin ladder that I could incorporate it in... and could leave it hooked up 100% of the time.

any other ideas out there, or maybe some ideas on a build.. I'm thinking 2" PVC down to a 1/2" (jet) and maybe a venturi somewhere in the mix to add "bubbles"...


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Nov 12, 2017
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Have whatever is necessary (fittings, pipes, hoses, etc) on hand and ready to make the spare your primary circulation pump. With supply chain issues (today's and in the future), it might take weeks or more to repair or replace your primary pump should it ever stop working. That doesn't mean you won't also be able to use your spare for a feature, it can serve double duty.
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